Stars whose dark secrets were exposed in 2018

Derek de Koff

Who isn’t interested in hearing about stars’ dark secrets? Most people must be, as celebrity gossip is a booming business. In 2011, The Week reported that the industry brings in over $3 billion a year. According to CNBC, a celebrity controversy can even spell great news for brand sponsors. For a decent chunk of change, “limo drivers, hairdressers, [and] personal assistants” are all too willing to sell stars’ most intimate secrets to the tabloids. These days, entertainers must brace for the possibility — or, increasingly, the inevitability — that their darkest secrets will be exposed to the world, one way or another.

Well, gossip rags certainly weren’t hurting for material in 2018. In just one year’s time, a former small screen star was connected to a bizarre sex cult, an NCIS icon revealed troubling details about her time on the show, and a famed actress was accused of unspeakable deeds.

From violent domestic spats to long-simmering tensions between actresses, these are darkest celebrity secrets that were unearthed in 2018.


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